9 Amherst Road Sunderland, MA 01375

© 2017 Bridgeside Grille, created by: Cole Berggrun, maintained by: Karen Guy

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We support locally grown foods!


Hall's Poultry - Eggs

Pierce Bros - Coffee & Espresso

Mapleline Farms - Dairy

Thomas Farm

Cabot Farms - Cheese

Smiarowski - Produce

Fairview Farm - Tomatoes

Enterprise Farm - Tomatoes

Millstone - Burger

Gothic Top - Maple Syrup

Four Star Farm - Grains

Snow's - Ice Cream

Berkshire Brewing Co. - Beer

Tea Guys - Tea

Hitchcock - Beer

Clarkdale Fruit Farm

Queen's Greens - Greens

About Us

Throughout the years, I have always admired how well BridgeSide connects to the surrounding community. With my background in restaurant management, I have seen many restaurants try to do the same but none have ever done it quite like BridgeSide. When I heard Rose was on the market to sell, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Being a family oriented place, I knew it was the type of establishment that my own family could connect with.  We love this community and want to continue connecting with local families and establishments.

As the new owner of BridgeSide, I know I have big shoes to fill. Rose was a legend, known for her Sweetish Oatmeal Pancakes and community pride. I pledge to stay true to Rose’s business model and maintain the family values that the community has grown to love.

I have heard so much about the locals that come to visit our staff week after week and I look forward to meeting you all.


John Reilly